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Wednesday dinner: Sandwich
Thursday lunch: Mediterranean chickpea vegetable stew and "Bounty" coconut rice pudding with chocolate sauce
Thursday dinner: Vegetable patties with apple & beetroot veganaise salad
Friday lunch: Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese with vegan cheese & Tapioca pudding with blueberries
Friday dinner: Tortilla roll filled with chili beans with fried potatoes
Saturday lunch: 2 sandwich and fruits
Saturday dinner: Nasi Goreng Indonesian baked rice

Wednesday Thursday Friday Sabbath


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Funding packages

You will have the opportunity to donate for the conference by purchasing Funding Packages at the Conference. Every package includes specially designed, FJK – marked products, pocket-book (more options) and Glow tracts.

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To finalize your registration, you have to transfer the whole amount of the calculated registration fee. We require your registration fee amount to be transferred to the following account: 12001008-01177336-00100001 (ASI Magyarország). At the memo, please add the name of the registered participant(s), and please also add „FJK támogatás”. If you have any other question or request, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at [email protected]!
Please note that if you can use only a non-Hungarian bank for transfer, then you are not required to pay deposit - due to high amount of transfer costs. You can settle your registration fee at the conference registration venue in cash. In this case, please expect an e-mail from the organizers right before the conference when we ask you for a second confirmation of your application.
Cost of participation:
The normal registration fee is 3.500 HUF, and is open until the 20th of January, 2020, 8:00. For valid registration, please transfer the money until the afore mentioned date and time.
The last minute registration fee is 4,500 HUF. Please register and transfer the amount until the 27st of January, 2020, 8:00.
Conference participation is free only on Sabbath and/or weekdays from 17:00, but requires registration.

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